Fundacion Hypatia


We are part of an active community of NGOs and agents of change collaborating in Chile and Latin America for the development of regenerative consciousness, and a network of partners and female leaders working toward equality, peace and mitigating climate change at a global level.

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Community of life

We live together as a terrestrial family and a planetary community, linked through the heart of the universe, the heart of The Earth and the heart of each of the beings. An awakened and active consciousness of unity, reciprocity and interdependence allows us to transmute individual and collective wounds for our flourishing and healing.

Ethics of care

Principle of compassion, humility and service inherent to the human being that leads to the balance and regeneration of beauty and abundance in our community of life. The care of the micro, the simple and the small that leads to an awakened awareness of the impact of our frequency on the whole.


The 21st Century will be the century of love. We all know its laws because we carry them internally at a chemical, biological and cellular level, and as intuitive or spiritual wisdom. What we have been experiencing is only the fear of love, but over the next few centuries we will expand its potential, power of regeneration and awakening of consciousness.


It is the force that leads us to restore and return the abundance we have received for the regeneration of ecosystem harmony. It is about the awareness of balance and fairness about how much I take and how much I give in the various areas of life to restore the impact of my actions and omissions in the community.